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Summary of updates from Joannie Chang on 2/12/2010:

Newly Revised Documents
The Annual Reporting Form (ARF) for 2009 has been uploaded to our website
as a fillable PDF; to download this document, please use the link provided
in the section titled “Forms & Documents.”   Pre-printed ARFs will also be
mailed in March.   If you would like to check your mailing address, please
call Taxpayer Assistance at 415-554-4400.  Completed ARFs must be returned
by Friday, April 30, 2010.  (posted 2//12/10)

The Employee Voluntary Waiver Form has been reformatted to use a larger
font size and to fit on 8.5″x11″ paper.   There is no need to replace any
waivers you have on file, but the new form should be used for all future
waivers/revocations.  Remember that waivers are valid for only one year
after the date of signature.  (posted 10/13/09)

The FAQs have been revised to clarify questions regarding FAQs #16, 23, 26,
32, 39, 40, & 47.  (revisions posted 12/18/09 & 2/5/10)

The ESR Calculator has been revised to include 2010 expenditure rates.
(posted 1/20/10)

The Employer Notice regarding the Health Care Security Ordinance has been
revised to include 2010 rates.  (revised 1/28/10, posted 2/5/10)

Upcoming Presentations on the HCSO

None scheduled at this time.

Joannie C. Chang, Contract Compliance Officer
Office of Labor Standards Enforcement

* * * If you haven’t already, please visit our website, at, to review our Frequently Asked Questions document,
Final Regulations, the Ordinance,and other helpful information. * * *

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