There are probably a dozen good reasons to check out your medical plan’s tele-health options right now, but at the top of my list would be avoiding an in-person visit to a medical facility (to protect yourself and others) and reducing the overall strain on the health care system and providers.

And yet, we all need care — including (or especially) mental health care. All of our CA group medical plans include options for tele-health visits. Even if you don’t need this right now, consider checking out your carrier’s resources (and registering or downloading the app, where needed) so that you are prepared to access care if you do need it.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some carriers have begun to waive tele-health fees (Aetna, Blue Shield so far). Otherwise, tele-health visits and care are generally subject to normal plan office visit and/or Rx copays. We have compiled links and helpful documents here, and will continue to add more.

24/7 Nurseline for telephone consultation (all carriers – call number on back of medical ID card)


Anthem Blue Cross of CA

Blue Shield of CA (access from Blue Shield online account)

  • Teladoc services (need to access from within Blue Shield online account)

Cigna (access from online account or app)



Sutter Health Plus

United Healthcare (set up your account first)

Western Health Advantage

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