I think we can all agree that employee stress and anxiety levels are pretty high right now. A global pandemic triggers a health crisis matched in magnitude only by the resulting economic slowdown. Fear of job loss and personal safety, especially for those still on the job at essential businesses. Concern for the health of family and friends both near and far. Frustration with restricted travel/movement. Feeling isolated due to mandatory work-from-home orders. Oh, and let’s not forget the employee-parents, who are now running day care and homeschools while working remotely.

Many of our clients offer employee assistance programs (EAPs), which can be a great resource for employees to talk with licensed counselors by phone or video. We previously posted about tele-health (including mental health) options through all of the California medical carriers.

But what other resources can employers help their employees tap into? Our Allpointe team put together a shortlist of some popular, app-based solutions. This is not an exhaustive list, and we are not affiliated with any of these companies, but thought they are worth checking out. Many of them offer free or trial versions, group discounts, or employer-paid packages. Let us know if there are others we should add to the list!



Guided meditations, mindful breathing, sleep help, movement programs




Smiling Mind

Stop, Breathe & Think


Asynchronous therapy

24/7 remote access to licensed therapists via web, app and phone


Better Help


Improving access to therapy

Matching algorithms help you find the right — and available — therapist for you

Choosing Therapy


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