Maybe you are headed for a 6-week dream vacation on another continent (lucky you). Meeting friends for a spur of the moment trip to Manhattan? Or dreading tomorrow’s 7-hour drive to spend Thanksgiving with your in-laws in Arizona. Wherever your travels are taking you, at some point you pause and ask yourself,

“Does Kaiser cover me if something happens while I’m away from home?”

Then you realize you aren’t 100% sure. You think so, but don’t know exactly who to call or how to access services. Sound familiar?

Glad you asked.

Yes, you are covered for emergency and urgent care anywhere in world.

And if you happen to be traveling to another part of the U.S. where Kaiser is located, such as the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, mid-Atlantic states, or Colorado, you can also access more routine services. Check out Kaiser’s Care While Traveling page for the Away from Home Travel Line number, links to the secure messaging app, and more useful information.

Always refer to your plan’s Evidence of Coverage and related documents for details of your specific coverage.

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